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2021 Winter TV Campaign

Against the backdrop of restrictions and lock-downs, our latest TV campaign for WW UK is focussed around real-life WW members showcasing how the latest WW app encourages and supports people on their weight loss journey.

The campaign, which went live on Boxing Day 2020 across TV, VOD, and social media, also premieres one of the brand’s latest ambassadors, Motsi Mabuse (from BBC's Strictly), as well as a new programme identity, MyWW+.

Although all the people in the films are real WW members, Beyond worked with Dark Energy director Andrea Kappos, to carefully coax and capture their most momentous, yet relatable, WW moments.

The resulting films combine warm positivity with genuine life-changing stories that highlight just how much difference WW can make to individual lives.

Beyond created two 30” TV ads, alongside 10" cut-downs and social edits, featuring authentically powerful stories in people’s lives and supported by a catchy, celebratory soundtrack.

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