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Naked Biotics

A daily dose of life

Naked Biotics approached us with an exciting brief to create a brand that speaks to a burgeoning market:

“Help us take a dose of the fast-expanding probiotic market with a new brand to cater to the growing awareness of gut health products among consumers, especially by younger generations.“

The insight

Probiotics are known to improve gut functionality, boost immunity and increase serotonin output — so when beneficial bacteria thrive in your gut, you thrive too. A single, daily shot of Naked Biotics can transform gut health and help people to lead richer and more fulfilling lives.

The idea

Mainstream probiotics had set a worthy precedent, but Naked Biotics was perfectly placed to shatter expectations with a pioneering new direction for their own live-fermented bacteria offering. Our approach was to define a transformative brand that stands confidently among the most emergent of challenger health brands. How? Positivity, emotional connectivity, and a fine balance between science and nature.

By encouraging gut health sufferers and wellness aficionados to believe in their right to a happier and healthier life, and a better connection with nature, Naked Biotics sets itself apart from competitors with energy, vibrancy and 15 years of research.

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"From start to finish our rebrand project with Beyond has been exciting, their passion and creativity is second to none."
Founder, Naked Biotics 5 star rating