Englefield Estate

Bringing heritage into the modern day

Moving in royal circles

When we first encountered Englefield, it was a rather shy and retiring estate in the Berkshire countryside. Despite the Estate’s rich history and heritage, there was a clear feeling that this was a place in need of transition.

The Englefield Estate is an important hub for the local community, with a strong commitment to the environment. The Estate’s business enterprises are diverse and need to operate in consultation with the communities they affect.

After extensive research into the way the business worked, we conducted interviews with key stakeholders, staff and local residents. The results threw up some fascinating insights, giving us a platform on which to devise a brand strategy for growth and prosperity. Once we had established a clear brand positioning, the focus was on a more modern approach to communications. The new brand identity was applied across all channels of communication, raising the profile of the Estate and giving the local community a greater sense of identity.

We were very excited when the Englefield Estate website went live and the venue was subsequently chosen for the wedding of Pippa Middleton and James Matthews. People love brand heritage, so it is very satisfying to see the Englefield Estate making the most of opportunities for the surrounding area and giving something back to the local community.

“Beyond worked with our stakeholders to deliver a brand positioning solution that acknowledged our heritage and role in the community, yet recognised that we are a modern, dynamic business.”

House and Events Manager, Englefield Estate

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