Why brands need to do more for health


Improve health through marketing

Sheila Mitchell, marketing director at Public Health England, has some strong words for the commercial sector. As consumer brands, she wants us all to accept responsibility for our nations health — a statement we back completely, and you should reinforce though your positioning. 

Marketing messages, particularly in the FMCG sector, have evolved dramatically over the last three years. Only this year we've witnessed the "Sugar Tax" impact on brand health, and consumer confusion lead the FSA to produce marketing criteria guidance addressing how to use the term ‘Natural’. 

Health awareness is not just a current market trend. There has been a significant cultural shift, one that will only continue as the next generation of health conscious consumers forces brands to look again at the way they go to market. Now is the time to get ahead, aligning your brand with the positive messages our government is working hard to enforce:

"Brands need to evolve and move on. We can do so much for the government with the tax payer’s money but we need the commercial sector to help us and explode the messaging… 

… I think brands can make more healthier choices and offer unique options, on the basis that they are truly healthier, to support us." 

Sheila Mitchell, Public Health England. 
Source: Marketing Week.

To succeed in the new era of marketing, we all need to be aware of changing consumer attitudes. The key to success is knowing your customers, understand what they care about, and being able to engage with them on an emotional level.