Weight Watchers members’ video

A day in the life

Weight Watchers challenged Beyond to help tell their story in a way that will answer the question on all new members’ lips… what can I expect to get from my membership?

Past marketing materials for the Weight Watchers programme have tended to focus on the details of the programme itself and how it works. For this project we took a slightly different approach. The aim was to gain an insight into the busy lives of a typical Weight Watchers member to present some genuine success stories that real people could identify with.

Firstly, we researched and identified a selection of unique individuals from all over the country. We looked at a typical ‘day in the life’ of current members, which enabled us to capture some personal stories that would resonate with our target audience. This approach highlights the benefits of the programme, the importance of a support network and the life changing results that can be achieved through the Weight Watchers programme.

The campaign conveys the message that embracing a healthy lifestyle is achievable for anyone, given the right support. The Weight Watchers programme is designed to work for anyone, tailored to suit your lifestyle, which leaves new members thinking “yeah, I’m ready to give it a go”.

Read more and see the campaign on the Weight Watchers homepage.