UK top for creative


By 2025 our green and pleasant land will become the global ‘creative services hub’, according to predictions by the Creative Industries Council.

Design of the times

The UK has always been a rich and diverse creative landscape. To promote the UK creative industries on a global stage, a new website has been launched as part of a government initiative designed to promote new partnerships and international trade.

The Creative Industries site collates statistics, case studies, relevant news and commentary to celebrate UK creativity. There are some fascinating facts and figures on the website; currently £8m an hour is generated by the sector that includes advertising, marketing, design and publishing, as well as architecture, arts, craft, fashion, games, music, and TV and film.

In the years ahead, the creative industries will be important not only for British culture but for our national prosperity. This is the place where culture meets commerce and, as an agency, it’s our responsibility to give everyone the opportunity to unlock their creative potential.

Image credit: Lord Colin O’Neal