The ‘Natural’ Infographic


How to use the term ‘Natural’ on Food Packaging

On the 10th May, the FDA comment on the use of the term ‘Natural’ on food labelling. With the ever changing landscape of the healthy food market, our friends across the pond will comment on such issues as:

  • Whether it is appropriate to define the term ‘natural’
  • If so, how should ‘natural’ be defined
  • How should the agency determine appropriate use of the term on food labels

With many people still debating whether the term is misleading consumers, how should you use the term ‘Natural’ on food packaging?

Following consumer research, public consultations and correspondence, the UK Food Standards Agency identified that people were concerned about the way some descriptions on labels had become unclear in their meaning. Following an investigation into the use of terms such as ‘Fresh’, ‘Natural’ and ‘Organic’ the FSA have created marketing criteria guidance to define best practice on the use of those terms.

We’ve made it simple. Here’s what ‘natural’ means if it's on your packaging: