What is the future for brand marketing?


The Future of Brand Engagement

On 7th July we hosted another Feel-Good Brands event in central London, this one was all about exploring ‘the future’ and how technology is set to change the way brands engage with consumers. We invited some really interesting speakers along, each with a different story and perspective on the topic — let’s face it, everyone likes to know what the future has in store.

This event was held at a new venue for us, just a short walk from Southwark and Waterloo stations. Lumiere London is a loft-style studio building, a very casual and stylish place to relax in the company of marketing folk from the Feel-Good Brands community. We love the venue and everyone I spoke to was very complimentary, so we’ll definitely have this place in mind for the next one too.

We were joined by industry experts in their field for some fascinating presentations and discussion on next-gen marketing:

  • Andy Brattle, Director at Beyond
  • Jack Chalkley, Head Creative Technologist at Knit
  • Alex Guest, CEO at Zingy Life
  • Alastair Clark, Race Director at DeadDrop Fitness
  • Ruth Marshall-Johnson & Shifra Cook, founders of COIN Research

To kick things off, I made a short introduction to set the scene and get people thinking about technological innovation. When you start looking at what’s actually going on around us, the future is really quite exciting — the world that we know is changing rapidly, it’s only when somebody points these things out that you really sit and think about the implications.

Following the presentations, our panelists took questions from the audience. Great questions and some really insightful chat from our panelists. Andy from Beyond was hosting the discussion, he loves of bit of tech talk so we were always going to run over time.

To learn more about the topic and what’s coming next, feel free to download our free white paper on The Future of Brand Engagement from the Resources section of our website.

Feel-Good Brands events are exclusively for senior marketing professionals working in areas of health and lifestyle, food and drink, sports and technology. If that sounds like you and you’re interested in hearing about future events, contact us here at Beyond for more information.