Refining the user experience.


However you measure success, your website needs to show a return on investment. User experience (UX) is extremely important in the development of a website these days. It’s about making things make sense, to create a simple and elegant journey that the user will enjoy.

Beyond has been working with BioOutsource since they were a start-up venture, since then it’s been a pleasure to see the business grow and prosper in the way they have. As a result of that growth, our most recent challenge was to re-evaluate the structure of their existing website and improve the user interface.The new site now delivers a more intuitive user experience and has already shown a marked increase in the number of qualified leads.

By reviewing the way your content is structured, considering primary and secondary navigation, it’s possible to completely transform the way your website works. By optimising the user experience we can improve the way your visitors access information, enhancing the user journey to increase conversation rates. It’s not just about content, but how it’s delivered.