New year’s resolution: become a feel-good brand


Feel good about your New Year’s resolution

It’s that time of year when everyone made a ‘resolution’ to the swap pizza for kale and quinoa, but what about your brand goals for this year? The start of the year and the prospect of new year resolutions primes consumers for feel-good branding, aspirational messages and positive values — it’s the perfect time to embrace change and find your brand a purpose.

We’re proposing a New Years resolution, not for you, but for your brand and your consumers. Why not make 2016 be the year you became a Feel-Good Brand?

What makes a feel-good brand?

Feel-Good Brands are dedicated to making a difference; they provide products and services that enrich our lives, improve our future and ultimately make us feel better about the choices we make. These brands are part of a cycle of cultural good that benefits everyone.

Are you a Feel-Good Brand? Here are the 10 key principles you need to adopt.

For an insight into the brands that inspire a healthy lifestyle, forming a positive emotional connection with their audience, head over to This is where you’ll find the movers and shakers, the music makers — these are the brands that make life better.

Do your consumers feel good about your brand?

When you’re passionate about your brand, you can captivate your audience and demonstrate. Passion is genuine. When it's not, people will see straight through it. Sincerity, credibility, positivity, and integrity are essential when you want customers to fall in love with your brand — adopting a feel-good approach is an excellent way of engaging with motivated consumers at the beginning of a new year. Consumer engagement is essential to the success of a Feel-Good Brand, they share their experiences with consumers and shout about their feel-good values. 

The New Branding Manifesto: How to make your consumers feel-good about your brand’, is our Feel-Good Brands Report. Here, we investigate the increasing relevance and power of brands that go out of their way to make a positive change. This is a manifesto for how and why this approach can, and should, be part of your brand strategy. Download your free copy of the report here.

Feel-Good Branding

At Beyond, we have extensive experience in building brands that make life better. We firmly believe in a strategic approach to brand engagement, with creative ideas that will help you to make a positive emotional connection with existing and new consumers.

There are many brands trying to make that connection, but it’s only when you couple this approach with a clear and distinct brand positioning that Feel-Good Brands emerge. Don’t settle for another year of average, embrace feel-good branding this new year — stand out from your competitors and show your consumers just how good you can make them feel.

For expert help developing a feel-good brand position, call Beyond today on +44 (0)20 7036 0603 or contact us here.