Managing your workforce’s wellbeing


Is your team full of beans?

A happy workforce is a productive workforce, and whilst we all recognise the difference a great working environment can make to our day-to-day lives, we often forget the effect that wellbeing has on perception of our brand image.

Most of us spend more time at work than anywhere else, and wellbeing amongst employees (and employers) filters through our communications, from external conversations to consumer relations. People who are happy and healthy in the workplace are more creative, they’re more productive, and they don’t get ‘that Sunday night feeling’ — a more creative and a productive workforce helps to create a healthy brand!

Innocent is a shining example of how great application of their wellbeing culture creates a feel-good brand. Their “4th Floor Stapler” adventures offers a lighthearted insight to their working culture, aligning employee wellbeing with a positive, feel-good brand image.

So, what can you do to make sure your brand feels good all round?

Promoting positivity

Encouraging wellbeing in the workplace is key to enhancing productivity and perception. Brands of all shapes and sizes have something to gain from embracing employee wellbeing, and regularly practising a few actions can improve employee engagement.

Here’s a few of our top-tips:

  • Communicate. Chit chat and conversation amongst the team, whether it’s about the logistics of a project or what they got up to at the weekend, is a great way to create an approachable and relaxed atmosphere. Encourage people to be comfortable, share information and provide constructive feedback – you’ll see that a little communication goes a long way.
  • Collaborate. The best teams are made of individuals with a diverse range of skills, and it’s important to emphasise this through collaboration and “skill-sharing”. Involving people in discussions, trusting their opinions and valuing their input goes a long way. You never know – you might have a secret talent among you!
  • Be Active. Living in the same environment all day, every day, can be tedious and more tiring than you might realise. Keeping the workforce active is a great way to raise moral and switch up the scenery. Be it physical or mental, together you can set a challenge that they will enjoy achieving, keep them learning and keep them active.

Brand wellbeing

A happy workforce presents a positive outlook. Aligning your brand with wellbeing helps you to inspire, to motivate, to elevate your customers. Positivity is an incredibly powerful persuasive tool, helping to establish your business as successful and happy.

“There needs to be a deeper commitment to staff health and well-being at the highest level of business leadership, because it’s one of the most pressing issues of the day”, says Neville Koopowitz, VitalityHealth CEO speaking at Britain’s Healthiest Company Awards 2015, “If the people at the top of an organisation buy into employee well-being, it yields positive outcomes for the whole company.”


At Beyond, we take a feel-good approach in everything we do – we believe when you feel good, your customers feel good. With the importance of applying wellbeing across all aspects of the brand receiving increasing recognition, we understand how this impacts on branding and customer relations, and most importantly how to successfully apply these values.

How does your employee wellbeing add up with your brand's image, and how can you enhance your brand's perception?

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