International Women’s Day: Top marketing campaigns with women at the heart


Fantastic femspiration campaigns

To celebrate International Women’s Day we wanted to share with you some of the best marketing campaigns that highlight women’s issues, empower women and girls and challenge gender norms.

Sport England This girl can

The Sport England campaign was so good that they decided recently to release a second wave of the campaign. It feels louder, bolder and stronger in its celebration of women. It features the work of iconic poet and civil rights activist Maya Angelou, 1978 poem ‘Phenomenal Woman’ which feels as current now as it did in 1978.

Always - #LikeAGirl - Keep Playing

Always produced a number of adverts under this tagline, including one in the UK #LikeAGirl - Keep Playing, which was developed from a statistic that at puberty many girls quit playing sports as their confidence plummets. The advert then shows different young women playing and talking about a variety of sports, many of which are seen as more typically ‘masculine’ in nature such as rugby, weightlifting and boxing. It works well as a campaign as it focuses on young women, empowering them to have the confidence to keep expecting change.

The Girl Effect The Clock is Ticking

This Girl Effect is a creative social business focused on changing what is normal for girls; changing normality to a new positive. Their work is focused on the international community, using innovative technology, research and cultural devices to enable change. They created a film called The Clock is Ticking to highlight the importance of protecting and supporting girls in the international community, it is incredibly eye opening and poignant.

The UN HeForShe

This campaign had solidarity at its heart, initiated up by UN Women its key objective is to encourage men and boys to take a stand against the inequalities shown to women, as as proven by research they conducted equality benefits all. The campaign was launched in 2014 with a key speech from actress Emma Watson, who spoke about her experiences of gender inequality.

Hello Hello Flo First Moon Party

Hello Flo is an American company that started by selling care packages for young women starting their periods, who have now evolved into a website that has information on lots of different issues for women such as pregnancy, parenting, well-being and femspiration. Their advert is a humourous take on a mother’s revenge to her daughter lying about starting her period, for which she throws a full moon party with Grandpa bobbing for ovaries, pin the pad on the period and a red chocolate fountain.

So here’s to women and girls on International Women’s Day, may we celebrate, support and strengthen the position of women, of all ages and all backgrounds. And don’t worry fellas, your day comes on the 19th November!