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Brand strategy; your plan for success — also the topic for our latest Feel-Good Brands Event. Descending on the intimate Victorian Loft, Lumiere London, we welcomed a room of senior marketing professionals to discuss the impact of strategy on their brand and marketing activities.

Andy Brattle, Director at Beyond, kicked off the evening by sharing his perspective on how brands so frequently fall under "the curse of knowledge", muddying their offering and leaving consumers confused with superfluous information. Simply put, he shared with us the formula for a clear and concise strategy: what you do, who for, why you do it and how.

We were then joined by a panel of industry experts, who were invited to the floor to discuss their brand stories and sharing their real-world examples of the impact of brand strategy:

"Use your strategy to define your promise, and stick to it"
— Alex Guest, CEO at Zingy Life
"When you think you have your strategy nailed down, stay flexible and be prepared to adapt."
— Jess Titcumb, Founder at Twisted Halo
"Every branding element needs to work in harmony for absolute clarity, these simple guidelines enhance user experience. Less is more."
— Jenny Tschiesche, Founder at Lunchbox Doctor

To learn more about brand strategy, and the details of each of our panelists presentations, head over to our Feel-Good Brands blog.

We love to hear your brand stories, so if you are interested in discussing the future of your brand or marketing strategy, contact us here at Beyond for more information.