How to tell your brand story


What is your brand saying?

Stories can be compelling. From the conversations we have with friends and family, to the private narratives running through our heads. We live and breathe stories every day. Through the telling of stories, we define ourselves and our relationships with one another. It is much the same with branding.

Brand stories

Whatever industry you work in, business is about making connections. Usually this is between company and consumer, or company and company. Either way, brand stories encourage these connections. The world is filled with faceless corporations. Don’t make yours one of them. From its brand values, to its ethos, to its quite literal beginnings, your business has a story all of its own, and expressing this will instantly set you above your competitors.

Consumers don’t connect with characterless companies. They connect with stories: the values you work towards, the reason behind your business, its corporate heart. You can tell your audience why your company is the best at what you do, or you can show them through compelling branding. Narratives are innately engaging. It doesn’t matter if your industry is food and drink, health and lifestyle or sports technology; your audience will ride your story to its inevitable conclusion as converted customers.


Stories exist to be shared. We write books so that other people can read them. Before stories were written down, they were passed on orally. Their function was to guide, to instruct, to encourage well-being, to bring communities together. Successful branding can capture your audience’s imaginations through your brand’s story. Thousands of years ago, such a story could survive generations passed down by word of mouth. With the Internet at our fingertips, this potential is exaggerated.

Facts, figures and analytics will always have their place. Effective branding depends on these things in order to be quantified and celebrated. But when it comes to communicating your brand and connecting with your audience, the persuasive powers of a strong narrative shouldn’t be ignored.

What’s your brand story, and how are you telling it?

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