​How sports brands can harness Instagram



Social media doesn’t get more visual than Instagram. Instagram is spurring the biggest shift the fitness world has seen in decades, and for sports companies, this represents a golden opportunity to reach out, engage consumers, and showcase your brand.

Whether you’re selling sports equipment or promoting a fitness service, the sports industry is crammed full of visual potential. By nature, your consumers are either highly motivated or strongly inspired individuals, seeking to better themselves, become healthier, or have fun. All of this lends itself powerfully to visual stimulation.

So what are the best ways to achieve this? How can sports brands harness Instagram?

Inspire your followers

Consumers need a little motivation sometimes, and inspiration is not to be underestimated. Through careful image choice and posting schedules, a brand’s Instagram feed can provide that little push your audience needs to get out of bed at 6am to tackle that 5k before work.

Nike are great at inspiring their audience. Check out their use of vibrant colour schemes and energetic imagery for an Instagram page that leaps out at you.


Sports brands can often be very straight-faced and earnest. Emphasising product characteristics like power, dynamism, agility etc. Instagram is a great medium for bucking this trend, showing the human, frivolous side of your brand — connecting with your consumers in the process.

Sell a lifestyle

Brands like Vans don’t just post picture after picture of their shoes, they mix stop-motion animation, video and photography to show how integral their footwear is in its user’s lifestyle. Consumers who identify with this lifestyle will identify with your brand by association. Maintain a consistent portrayal of a lifestyle and brand loyalty is quick to follow.

Be consistent

Consistency doesn’t just apply to any lifestyles you portray. Consistency should run throughout your branding and marketing efforts. If your brand doesn't have a distinct visual/photographic style, Instagram users will not differentiate your content from others in their busy feeds.

Visualise your brand values

Instagram gives you a very visual opportunity to communicate your brand values through clear imagery. Post clips and images that reinforce your core values like passion, commitment, and hard work, so consumers know exactly what you’re about and what you stand for.

iMuscleUp promotes bravery, strength, and adventure through its exciting collage of inspiring content, making it very clear to visitors who they are and what they celebrate.

Interact with user submitted content

Like any social media channel, Instagram should be used to personally engage with your sport brand’s followers. Encourage them through photo comments and promote their content with regrams. Make each and every one of them feel valued, respected, and acknowledged in order to build a community and foster trust with your audience. They might just be your next customer.

Instagram affords sports brands the opportunity to show their products or services in exciting, real life situations. Any of the above tips will help you concentrate your efforts and improve your social impact. Be consistent, authentic, and engage with your followers for successful social sports branding.

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