How is your brand being perceived?


First impressions

It’s a long road to success, so you need a clear brand strategy in place before starting any marketing activities. Everything counts in a first impression — from your brand identity to the message conveyed through your website — so it’s imperative that you get everything right up front.

The Information Age has transformed branding, making it possible for your company to reach thousands of users almost instantaneously. It has never been easier for your business to connect with consumers, but with increased reach comes the importance of brand perception. What image does your brand identity project? And what is your audience saying when they see you?

It’s so important to convey a consistent brand message, always thinking about how best to communicate that message and how it will be perceived. With online’s potential for increased web traffic, presenting a constant brand message is more important than ever. How can you position your business to engage with your audience and turn them into consumers? How are you being perceived?


One of the driving forces behind some of the most successful brands is authenticity. If you can be honest about your beliefs and what you’re trying to achieve, your passion and authenticity will make an emotional connection, which is where decisions are made. So often we see companies that seem to find it difficult to articulate why they do what they do. Don’t try to become the next somebody else, seek to differentiate yourself in a way that will build something distinctive, unique and relevant — your consumers will always value individuality and authenticity.


Positivity has the power to inspire and motivate people, so always aim to promote a positive outlook. Whether you translate this into your brand identity, your website or through your social channels, encourage a sense of positivity to engage your audience. For a great example of positive creative branding, see our article on This Girl Can. This campaign brilliantly demonstrates how our own feel-good approach to branding can help to elevate your brand and inspire your customers through positive affirmation, creativity and optimistic messaging.

There’s a reason the number one tip for an engaging profile picture is a smile. Happiness is attractive, and we all love to share in success. If you can project an uplifting brand image then you’re on the right track.

Brand stories

Your brand should tell a story; the values you hold, what’s important to you and the reason your business exists — that’s what makes your brand special. Your story should be authentic, but make it as clear and compelling as possible. They should feel like they understand exactly what your business is about. This understanding leads to stronger attachment, a greater feeling of trust/transparency, and increased brand loyalty.

You don’t need a narrative, just a strong set of brand values and positive consumer experiences to bring your brand to life.

Branding and Beyond

“We love seeing the fruits of our imagination come to life and make things happen, which invariably makes for a happy client.”

You won’t find anyone more passionate about branding. Our agency is made up of thinkers, innovators and collaborators, working creatively together to realise our clients’ branding aspirations. A feel-good brand engages its audience on an emotional level, inspiring the positive connections and consumer experiences your brand needs to succeed. How are you being perceived, and what are you doing to improve brand perception?

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