Five simple content techniques, achieve more in less time


1. Create once, distribute everywhere (CODE)

One of the biggest time drains is treating each platform in isolation. Great content is great content, regardless of where it’s being published. Yes the formatting may need to be adjusted, but if you create a fantastic blog post, for example, then that should be chopped up and used across all other channels: a summary should go out on email, images used on instagram, and stats and quotes turned into thought provoking image cards for Twitter and Facebook.

2. Prioritise evergreen articles

Evergreen content is that which never goes out of date (or at least not for a very long time). There are two huge efficiencies to be achieved by creating this kind of content rather than more topical information:

  • It can be reused on email and social media every few months (or at least the content that performs the best)

  • If contained within your website then it will bring in daily search traffic, month after month after month. That’s how you build a website into a serious content asset! In fact, I would argue that before creating any blog or social content you should exhaust all conceivable evergreen landing page options, as these are the ones that will bring in valuable traffic, day after day, at no ongoing cost to the business.

3. Start producing far more video

Video may require a little more planning and effort, but results in massive efficiencies in the long term:

  • Video is far cheaper to promote on social media as the social platforms are keen to encourage it.

  • You can reuse it across multiple pages of your website and it won’t create any duplicate content issues (unlike text)

  • You can quickly transcribe the video for use within a blog post and to send out via email

4. Engage with influencers

There is perhaps no faster or more efficient way of scaling content production and promotion than by engaging with influencers. Within the contract you can specifically agree what kind of content they will provide each month, as well as have access to all of their existing content on social media. This is how you can effectively scale your content production overnight, often at only very modest expense.

5. Ensure you have a clear framework

Above all, no matter how you are generating your content, ensure that there is a clearly defined strategy and framework. It will make the task of creating the content and directing others so much easier and faster, whilst ensuring that the resulting content is aligned to the brand and of the highest possible quality, making it far more likely you will be able to reuse it again in the future.