Festive feel-good advent calendars


It's not all about chocolate

We’re officially heading into the festive period, the tell tale signs are all there: it’s so dark all the time you want to take inspiration from the bears on Planet Earth 2 and head for hibernation, the Christmas adverts are vying for top spot in your festively nostalgic heart and, finally, the shops have got Christmas goods galore lining the shelves.

What do you do if you are trying to hold off the festive feasting until Christmas day, but you want to treat yourself with an advent calendar? Maybe the usual advent calendars aren’t suitable for you due to dietary requirements. Perhaps a loved one is a fitness fanatic and hinted they’d like an advent calendar, but can’t find one that suits their lifestyle. Well, at Beyond we’ve researched some feel-good advent calendars for you and these may just the answer to your Christmas wishes.

Primal Pantry Advent Calendar

£34.99 (sale price)

Primal Pantry are doing what very few other clean eating companies have thought to do, and that is to provide a healthy and fun alternative to the typical advent calendar. Suitable for a whole host of dietary needs their bars can be eaten by vegans, paleo diet followers and those on gluten free diets. They have not been scrooges either as you get a full size bar and they have included their 7 different flavours plus their 2 protein bars in the mix. If all that wasn’t good enough, for a limited time there is £5 off!

The Body Shop 24 Happy Days Beauty Calendar


If you fancy something to make both your internal and external self happy, then this advent calendar might just be for you. Whilst it is a little extravagant at a cost of £60, the real value of the goods in the calendar comes to £106, so it’s actually a great deal. There is a mix of toiletries and makeup pieces in the calendar and you can be sure that all the products are not tested on animals. Other pluses are you will be making a donation to the preservation of the rainforests, all from a company that is committed to sustainability and community trade welfare.

MyProtein Advent Calendar


MyProtein have created an advent calendar for people who want a little festive indulgence, but who don’t want it to interfere with their training and diet. The protein within the chocolate is derived from Whey Protein Isolate, which means there is more protein than carbohydrate per chocolate, but this doesn’t detract from the taste. This calendar is suitable for vegetarians.

Moo Free Advent calendar


Moo free is providing a chocolate advent calendar for vegans, dairy, gluten and soya free diets. As a multi award winning producer of dairy free chocolate you can be sure there is some yummy chocolate behind each door. The design is festive and definitely family friendly, with cute animation animals in a winter wonderland. This advent calendar is being stocked in quite a few supermarkets, retailers  and online, so it shouldn’t be too hard to get your mitts on one.

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