10 feel-good festive gift ideas


Great gifts galore

Not sure what to get a loved one, work colleague or friend this Christmas? Well, we have put together a list of feel-good festive gift ideas. We don't like to brag, but whether they're a foodie, a thinker, mover or maker, we think we've found something for everyone. You may even find yourself printing off the list and leaving it hanging around for others to take the hint!

1. Breathe magazine subscription


Breathe is a magazine that focuses on mindful living, helping you to create a calmer, more fulfilled lifestyle. Each issue has a theme and five subsections: wellbeing, living, mindfulness, creativity and escape. The magazine includes short sound bites, thought-provoking articles, inspiring stories and beautiful illustration. There is also now a Teen Breathe magazine targeted towards  a younger readership, but with the same Breathe ethos. Subscription can be in print or digital form.

2. Travel Solar Charger


Both a power bank and solar panel charger, this pocket sized charger takes 5 hours to fully charge via USB mains, which is enough to charge three mobile phones. Failing that, 25 hours of UV light will also generate the same amount of charge. The simple design with just a single on-off button means that even technophobes shouldn't be put off using this great gadget.

3. Seedlip spirit


If you want to get an interesting present for someone who is teetotal, a mindful drinker, or more interested in working on their six pack than drinking one, you could buy them a bottle of Seedlip. This is the world's first alcohol-free spirit,  what it lacks in alcohol it does not lack in style. The Seedlip bottles look like a high quality gin or vodka bottle, but it’s actually a sugar-free beverage with no artificial flavouring or calories. There are two flavours: Garden spirit and Spice spirit. Garden has a herbal palette with botanicals like rosemary and spearmint, whereas Spice is more aromatic, with flavours of cardamon, oak and grapefruit. Seedlip is served in Michelin restaurants and high profile bars across the world, so you can be sure it meets pretty high standards.

4. The Do books

£8.99 each

We are big fans of The Do Lectures and releasing a library of books covering a plethora of subjects is a brilliant way of bringing The Do Lectures into your own home. Subjects cover: Do Design; Why Beauty is Key to Everything, Do Purpose; Why Brands with a Purpose Do Better and Matter More, Do Fly; Find a Way.Make A Living. Be Your Best Self and these are just a few. They also cover more day to day topics, like making sourdough bread, beekeeping and preserve making. Just like The Do Lectures events and workshops, these books are beautifully presented and highly engaging.

5. Pana Chocolate

Various prices (£3.99–£49.99)

Made in Australia, this chocolate is dairy, gluten and soy free. The bars have no added sugar, but they are packed full of deliciousness and flavour. Pana lives by the motto “Love your insides. Love the Earth.” so you can be sure that the chocolate is not only the healthiest it can be for you, but it‘s also kind to the earth. The various flavours range from classic tastes like mint, nut and orange, to the more exotic flavour combinations such as fig and wild orange, pineapple and ginger and coconut and goji. You can buy individual bars, mini sets, or even a hamper gift from their website.

6. Mud Jeans

€98.00 (or lease them)

The CEO of MUD has worked in the fashion industry for over 30 years. When he went to the factories in China to look at production he realised just how much waste fast fashion was causing, so he started MUD jeans. MUD makes new jeans out of old ones, by shredding them and blending virgin cotton to create new yarns and, in turn, new jeans. MUD also looks at the best way to wash the jeans, with zero-waste packaging and fair factories. The garments come in various styles, and this Dutch company oozes style. You can even lease your new jeans, you pay a €20 one-off fee followed by a monthly subscription payment of €7.50.

7. Scott Laidler Online Personal Training

From £99

You can be sure of Scott’s fitness guru credentials, he‘s a columnist for The Telegraph and trainer to many in the film industry, but it's not just his personal record that makes his online programme stand out. Unlike other online training programmes, this one has a bespoke option where you will speak to Scott or one of his team to discuss your personal training goals. Depending on which plan you choose, you’ll receive meal plans and a tailored workout, based on your own choices of equipment, taste and allergies. The website also includes some great articles — if you need support you can get it via email, if you need inspiration just follow him  Scott on Instagram! 

8. Bamboo Socks


Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without the gift of socks. BAM is a UK brand that has created socks (and other items) out of bamboo. It’s a material that’s great to wear as they are antibacterial, therma-controlling, moisture-wicking, and they’re super cosy. Bamboo is the fastest growing grass on the planet so there is plenty of it, more than enough to make socks. BAM's founder, David Gordon, believes the holy grail is a business where everyone wins — socially and environmentally.

9. Dailygreatness Journal: A Practical Guide for Consciously Creating Your Days


If you don’t want to carry or keep a separate diary, planner, to-do list and journal, then Dailygreatness Journal might be for you. This clever book combines all these elements, along with the odd inspirational quote, self-awareness questions, dream journaling and visualisation tools. The flexibound cover means it’s durable, but also light enough to carry around. We like it as it’s practical and well designed, helping you to focus on what you want to achieve in a really clear and conscious way.

10. Give the gift of charity

Various prices

For the ultimate feel good vibes why not donate money to charity. Many charities have now created easy, transparent and tangible ways for you gift a friend with a donation made in their name. Whether that gift is a goat from Oxfam, delivering a baby with UNICEF, or a water pump from Water Aid, there is a cause out there for whoever you are buying for. If you are struggling for that person who has everything, or someone who wants for nothing, then why not pass on the festive good cheer to those who do a little extra this Christmas.