6 of the best feel-good apps for you and the workplace


Don't worry, be appy

There are an abundance of apps these days that can help with your life in a multitude of ways, making life a little easier, healthier and more productive. But where do you start when there is so much choice? We decided to share with you the apps that the team here at Beyond are using.

1. Wunderlist 

If you like to make lists to get yourself in better mental shape or need somewhere to assign tasks where two or more people can chip in, then Wunderlist is a really useful app. You can assign jobs to people, set reminders, create multiple lists and set completion dates. I have various lists on the app, one for work that is just for me, a ‘life sorting’ (read house work!) list for me and the hubby and one just for general stuff I need to remember. It means I’m not always searching for that piece of paper that I scribbled a list down on!

2. Waterlogged 

As the name suggests, this is a tracking app for hydration with charts and reminders (upgrade) to keep you going. Our Developer, Steve, swears that this app has made him drink far more water than he did previously. You log how much water you are drinking in a day to check you are getting enough fluids. The part that Steve has found most useful are the reminders to drink water throughout the day. This app is ideal for anyone conscious that they aren’t drinking enough water or to help aid weight loss.

3. Zingy Life

Essentially the only app of it's kind, in that it allows you to input your food and drink and it gives you feedback on your nutritional information. You can see what you're lacking and then plan your last meal of the day to ensure you get all the vital nutrients you need. It may be as simple as adding some paprika to your meal to get some of the nutrients you are missing. This is a great app for anyone but in particular people interested in sports, as eating well will increase energy, performance levels and lead to less ailments or injuries. Lucy, our Designer is currently using this app to get herself in optimum health and fitness before her wedding.

4. Due

The super-fast reminder app. Due makes it really easy to jot down a task and set up a reminder, enabling you set alerts for all those mundane chores without cluttering up your calendar. Beyond Director, Paul is a big fan of this simple app. On those manic days full of appointments, remembering tasks is made so much easier with Due. You might need to call a client back in 20 minutes, or collect your dry cleaning by 4pm, whatever it is, Due allows you to easily create timely reminders in seconds. The interface design is slick and intuitive, the app even allows you to create reusable timers for repetitive errands and use them forever.

5. Headspace

https://www.headspace.com/Meditation and mindfulness have been recognised as a useful coping strategy and the perfect antidote to our busy, technology jammed and socially demanding lives. With an abundance of noise, both aurally and visually, taking time out to sit in silence and focus on your breathing is a useful way of fighting stress, anxiety and to focus your thoughts. Many people find it hard to turn off and redirect their focus, and here is where Headspace helps. Headspace narrates you through the process of how to centre yourself and concentrate on your body and how it is feeling. For a healthier, happier office why not start the day with the Headspace app?

6. QualityTime

Are you addicted to social media? Need your Facebook fix? Get in a flutter without Twitter? Instantly Instagram everything? Well think of QualityTime as the dieting app for your social media appetite. Alex, our Account Manager, has been testing out this app, as she made a New Year’s resolution to be on social media less and she has found it useful in curbing her social hunger. A simple dashboard records the amount of time you spend on each app and even plots it on a graph for you to see what times your usage is at its peak. If you need help to limit the time spent on social media and gaming, you can cap your usage and the app will send reminders that you are about to hit the usage for the day. Imagine how much more productive your life could be!

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