Brand marketing tips to get you noticed


How to build brand engagement

So, you have a clear brand strategy in place and it’s time to get noticed. In the digital world, we are constantly bombarded with information from all directions. It’s no longer enough to simply advertise your brand or product and expect the phones to start ringing. Marketing is more about engagement, creating loyal customers and brand advocates who will help you to promote your business.

How can you make an impression and stand out from the crowd? Here’s a list of quick tips for some marketing activities that will help you to generate a buzz and make connections with your target market.

1. Share good content

You cannot underestimate the importance of creating good quality content. Written content should be informative, entertaining, original, factual, and it should always be grammatically correct. Speaking at industry events or sharing your expertise in a blog post to distribute via social media are great ways to get your content out there.

2. Be human

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn: all social media networks are landscapes populated by human beings. Don’t make it all about you, and try to avoid too much industry jargon. The beauty of social media is that it allows for a two-way conversation, so try to engage in dialogue and make real connections with other humans!

3. Make it visual

People love to see unique and personal photo’s, so take pictures and let the world know you’re up to. It’s great to show behind the scenes stuff, use social platforms like Instagram to create a window into your business.

4. Create infographics

A brilliant way to present information is to create bright and attractive, Infographics, which seem to have experienced a renaissance in the marketing world. Commission a design team to transform otherwise dull statistics into an exciting visual presentation, increasing the share-ability of your online content.

5. Viral video

Make video part of your content strategy and produce something that’s entertaining, engaging and most importantly, shareable. Successful viral video should not be overtly promotional. The clever ones are entertaining, amusing, or fascinating — the content must evoke emotion to make a connection with your audience, that’s what will encourage viewers to share it.

6. Throw a party

Find an excuse to host a little soirée at your offices. Perhaps there’s a company anniversary, office move or product launch coming up? Find a reason to host an event and share what’s happening in your world — invite your clients and prospects over for coffee or a drinks and networking event.

7. Guerrilla marketing

Create an impact with something out of the ordinary. Guerrilla marketing can be a low-cost unconventional way to grab the attention of the public in a more personal and memorable way — using clever or surprising tactics can be used to spread the word, especially if you capture events on film and share online.

8. Invest in strategy

Most importantly, you need a plan of engagement before you undertake any of these marketing activities. Firstly, ensure you have a clear brand strategy in place. This is your roadmap to success; create brand ambassadors, build awareness and enhance the value of your brand.

It’s easy to start pumping out content and start making a noise, but any marketing needs careful thought and planning. It can take many years to build a reputation and five minutes to trash it, so brand strategy and planning is essential.

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