Beyond takes to the airwaves

We are live on air

Our director Andy Brattle took to the airwaves to give listeners an insight to the world of Feel-Good Brands, discussing the importance of bringing your brand to life. Andy was speaking to host Jenny Tschiesche on community radio Marlow FM — the ‘Mid Morning Matters’ show features every Tuesday morning to explore various topics around health and fitness.

Discussing the concept of feel-good branding, Andy gave insight into:

  • What a Feel-Good Brand is
  • How Feel-Good Brands came to be
  • Market trends in ‘Food and Drink’, ‘Sports and Tech’ and ‘Health and Lifestyle’
  • How to effectively market a sports brand
  • The influence of social media on 'Gen Z'
  • Gamification of fitness technology
  • Advice on how to become a Feel-Good Brand
  • How to tell your brand story

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