Are you beach body ready?


What is a beach body anyway?

It was a chilly day in Hyde Park for those who braved the weather in protest over the Protein World ad campaign. The ad’s have certainly stirred up controversy — the slogan doesn’t make much sense — but is it really that offensive?

Many people seemed to feel the message it’s promoting is implicit, ‘if you don’t look like this, don’t go on the beach’. In that sense, you can see why it’s touched a nerve for so many people. But I see a very fit and healthy model in the yellow bikini, far from an unhealthy body image. In fact, there are some who would say that our yellow bikini model provides that little bit of motivation we need to work harder on our health and fitness.

Why is it that society seems to have great acceptance for being fat, yet we criticise images of the healthy model as being offensive and harmful? Look at Barbie with her skinny waist and huge eyes, she’s also been condemned for enforcing an unrealistic body image and she’s not even real. But in determining what’s “realistic” and what’s not, these body-image activists are policing women’s bodies and perpetuating our body-image obsession.

We think people should focus on what’s best for their own wellbeing — eat a well balanced diet and stay healthy. Remember, all you need to be beach-ready is that marvellous body of yours. It belongs to you and you only.