Are you a feel-good brand?


Focus on what you do best

Here at Beyond, we spend our days helping our clients identify their audience, clearly define their market position and develop a compelling proposition. We’re passionate about what we do — and they say you should practice what you preach — so we decided it was time to review our client base and refine our own brand positioning, reflecting our experience and vision for the agency.

This has been a fascinating exercise for us. It’s much more difficult than working on a client project, where we’re able to take a more objective approach. When reviewing your own agency positioning, it’s a challenge to remove yourself from the equation and look at it from another perspective.

Our philosophy is that work should be an enjoyable part of our lives — people who enjoy their work are more creative, they’re more productive, and they don’t get ‘that Sunday night feeling’. As a team, we are passionate about brands that inspire us, products and services that affect positive change and make life better.

Looking at the clients that inspire us, we found the essence of our positioning in ‘who’ we work with. There were some common threads in a list of category expertise, which includes food and drink, health and lifestyle, sports and technology… then it dawned on us, these are all “feel-good brands.”

Beyond are certainly feeling good about our clients, so the agency has adopted a more focussed positioning based on our experience and passion for the brands that make life feel good.

So, are you a feel-good brand?

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