7 ways consumers fall in love with your brand


Why is it that people are drawn to a particular brand?

We might be attracted by all sorts of things, but ultimately we buy into brands on an emotional level — an emotional connection is key to brand engagement.

When making a decision to purchase we consider all the logical and rational reasons for buying something, but the purchase decision is made on an emotional level. Whether you’re in the food and drink, sport and technology, or health and lifestyle sectors, engaging your customers on an emotional level is key to commercial success.

It’s all about the power of the brand. Some people even claim to be in love with certain brands, and love is a powerful thing, so harnessing these emotions can create an incredibly devoted customer base — and once brand loyalists become advocates for your products and services, your marketing platform reaches a whole new level.

Let’s look at seven ways to help customers fall in love with your brand:

1. We love things we relate to. 

People need to feel they can relate to your brand. We all love to feel understood; it creates connections, attachment, a feeling of belonging. A brand that can inspire these feelings in its consumers is halfway there. To achieve this, you need to know your target audience inside out. Reebok’s latest brand campaign, “Be More Human”, does just this. The campaign is focussed on women, fitness, and partnerships in an attempt to relate more closely with its consumers, and establish connections. Read more about Reebok’s campaign here. The more you understand about your consumers, the more you can tailor your brand to suit them, and the more they can identify with you.

2. We love things that make us happy.

This one’s universal. It’s also one of the strongest motivators for brand appreciation. innocent is a great example of a brand that has incorporated feel-good vibes into its products. From their advertising, to their product information, to the way in which the drinks taste, everything that innocent produces is centred around making their consumers happy, which is why they’re a featured Feel-Good Brand. It’s the same here at Beyond. Happiness carries across all aspects of our work, impacting everything from team morale and productivity to the message behind the work we produce. You can read more about the motivational power of positivity here. In short, making your consumers happy can have a direct influence over your sales and profits — happy customers spend more with you and recommend you to their friends.

3. We love to be made to feel special.

Customers often find themselves lumped into a single consumer category. A poor brand treats them as such; a better brand knows the importance of making them feel valued. Appreciation shows respect, from your brand guidelines to promotional offers, advertising, and website design, make sure your customers are made to feel like more than just a sales target.

4. We love a brand with personality.

What makes your brand tick? Identifying this early is key to making your brand stand head and shoulders above generic competitors. Consumers don’t connect with faceless companies, they need brands with personalities and character, the kinds of brands that stir emotion in them through their messaging, positioning and clearly communicating their core values.

5. We love a brand that cares.

This links back to emotion. When a brand cares about similar things to us, we can empathise and relate to that brand’s ethos and share those ideals. Brands with philanthropic values appear more genuine and deserving of trade. We recently wrote about Dove’s aspirational Campaign for Real Beauty. Consumers responded in their thousands to Dove’s natural beauty campaign, showing unequivocally the power of genuine, meaningful branding. Whether you’re donating a percentage of every sale to a worthy cause or simply sponsoring a local charity, identifying and aligning yourself with a charitable cause can help your consumers to understand and connect with you emotionally.

6. We love brands that we trust.

With genuine branding comes consumer trust — this is especially relevant if your products are higher end, or carry a higher price tag. Trust can be the deciding factor between a customer turning away and a customer committing to a sale; international clothing company Under Armour recently completed its 18th consecutive quarter of more than 20% sales growth off the back of its “I Will What I Want” campaign targeted specifically at the female sports clothing market. Ms. Fremar calls the campaign strategy a ‘woman-a-festo,’ saying Under Armour sought to break through the ‘sea of sameness’ in the category. The insight behind ‘I Will What I Want’ was not ‘you go, girl,’ she said. The goal was to celebrate women “who had the physical and mental strength to tune out the external pressures and turn inward and chart their own course.’” There are plenty of ways to nurture trust in your consumers, from the charitable events outlined above, to Under Armour’s consumer-driven campaigns, to generous after-sales care policies. Choose methods that are appropriate to you and your business.

7. We love a feel-good brand.

Feel-good branding is much more than a strategy. A feel-good ethos should run through all levels of your brand. This is our philosophy at Beyond, both internally and in the branding we create for our clients. From our passion, to our creativity, to the way in which we approach our work on a daily basis, feel-good branding defines us and the positive services we provide.

Love is complicated, but encouraging your customers to fall in love with your brand doesn’t have to be. Using the tips above, tweak your brand image to tug on your consumers’ heartstrings and remind them why you’re the best. You can read more of our top branding tips here. Alternatively, chat to us here at Beyond, and let us transform your brand into one your consumers love.

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