We’re passionate about brands that inspire us.

We love seeing the fruits of our imagination come to life and make things happen, which invariably makes for a happy client.

What are we all about?

Our business is founded on the philosophy that people are most successful when they enjoy what they do. Put simply, we believe that success is all about getting the right people together. We are a dynamic team of creators, thinkers, innovators, optimistic believers and collaborators. With an eclectic blend of passions and personalities, we’re individuals who work creatively together.

Paul Ringsell


Paul is a big believer in the power of the brand, he’s always been fascinated by human behaviour and how we can influence decision making with clever communication. He combines that unique blend of creative flair with a meticulous attention to detail. Ever the perfectionist, his scrupulous eye has been known to spot a six point typo at twelve paces.

Andy Brattle


Andy helps to guide our clients to ensure we deliver a successful brand experience across the board. He’s an innovative thinker who somehow manages to make something fiendishly complicated, suddenly comprehensible. For a five minute snapshot of digital trends or a five hour discussion about the future of digital marketing, then Andy is your man.

Lucy Cooper

Head of Design

Lucy has a passion for all things design. With a degree in Visual Communication she loves creating visual identities, so branding is at the heart of everything she does. Lucy turns her hand to all aspects of the creative process, from sketching ideas to illustration and graphic design, all of which allows her to visually express the brand vision.

Steve Rowland

Lead Web Developer

Steve is your online guru, responsible for bringing digital ideas to life. As our lead web developer, he works with a variety of CMS frameworks and programming languages. Steve’s expertise helps to ensure we deliver a seamless digital experience that always adheres to the highest standards of accessibility and performance.

Alex Meighan

Account Manager

Alex focuses her efforts on delivering our clients a feel-good customer experience. Combining her studies in human psychology with her passion for digital marketing, she offers a more strategic approach to campaign management. Alex possesses a remarkable ability to remain calm and keep smiling, even with the most demanding of clients.

Sophie Thomas

Senior Brand Strategist

Sophie is passionate about empowering positive brands to serve the world. She is a well-versed Brand and Marketing Strategist, having worked on a multitude of brands, from start-ups to global enterprises. Solution-focussed, with an intense drive to raise standards, Sophie opens up exciting commercial opportunities with creativity and vision.

Ella Price

Marketing Executive

With a degree in philosophy, Ella understands how to analyse and communicate ideas clearly and logically. Working with such a varied client base, Ella gets involved in everything from content creation to social media strategy and execution.

Maisy Conlon Ash

Creative Content Writer

Maisy is an experienced copywriter with a strong background in marketing, promotions and community engagement. She helps to take ideas and bring them to life through words. As well as commercial marketing, Maisy has also worked in radio, the charity sector and for a large regional theatre in community engagement.

Phil Hopkins

Video Producer

Phil works with Beyond to deliver high quality video content. He’s an accomplished director with a reputation for aesthetic and narrative integrity. Phil turns his versatile talents to a number of different ends, from scriptwriting, cinematography and editing, to audio production and motion graphics — always executed with a meticulous attention to detail.

Abigail Collier

Credit Controller

Abi is the number cruncher, she spends her time working making sure the books are well kept. She’s always happy to help with any invoicing or payment queries you might have, just ping her an email.

Jenny Tschiesche

Nutritional Consultant

Jenny is our resident nutrition expert. She aims to educate and enhance people’s quality of life through her nutrition programmes and workshops. As a well-respected educator on food and nutrition, Jenny is regularly asked to contribute to national press, regional radio and national TV channels, including ITV, Sky and BBC.

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